Thursday, September 29, 2005

Back in the saddle

Yes, it has been more than two months since my last post, but I do have something resembling a good reason. I went on an intense "I can't handle working in retail anymore" job hunt, and after a year of cover letters, resumes, and the occasional interview, I'm now coming up on the end of my first week at my new job behind a desk in Lansing.

So in a little more than six weeks, I spent a long weekend in New Jersey for a couple of interviews in New York, sent in an application for an unexpected opportunity at MSU, interviewed twice in Lansing, got an offer, put in my notice, and moved my family to our new apartment.

*phew!* I get winded just thinking about it.

Sadly, it has meant that I didn't finish reading the new Rick Moody novel before its release, but I do have all of my books out of storage again, so it all evens out.

My e-mail box is open if any of my readers (if there are any of you left) want details of the move or to send good wishes, and hopefully it'll mean I put in more appearances here as my life approaches something resembling stability.