Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Post-election despair

It's not so much that the exit polls were wrong (I didn't watch any of the election night TV coverage, so I didn't even hear about that until this morning), or the false hope of an eventual Kerry win in Ohio tipping the balance (it's not going to happen, people), or even the prospect of at 269-269 electoral vote tie (see: Ohio tipping the balance). . .

It's much more that

1.) Bush won the popular vote, and

2.) Not only did the Republicans extend their House and Senate leads, but Tom Daschle, the Senate Minority leader, lost his bid for re-election in South Dakota.

(On top of that, constitutional gay-marriage bans passed in every state that they were being considered, including here in Michigan.)

This forces us (or me, anyway) toward an unpleasant electoral truth. I don't think that we are a nation divided 50-50. With a Republican House, Senate, Presidency, and with the prospect of at least one and maybe as many as three new Supreme Court justices in the next four years, a deeply conservative Supremem Court, I believe that the nation has firmly expressed its preferences, and demonstrated which side holds the majority.

For those of us concerned with the direction of our country, there is little to console us in the next four years, and, if I must be honest with myself, indeed, the forseeable future.


Anonymous said...

The new United States of Jaded. The sun never shines and the President always sucks while never sucking as much as his policies or puppeteers. Gavin and I are moving to Mars to take part in John Stewart's new Constitutional Robocracy social experiment. Then we're coming back to Earth in four years when the USJ has finally elected a new president -- we still won't have aged a day while you suckers will be into, like, your thirties! Wooooo!

-- Brandon

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