Monday, December 05, 2005

Past glories

When I was in college at Michigan State University, a few friends and I started a literary magazine, The Offbeat. The magazine actually still exists today (check out the new, updated web site), and you can find most of the back issues at either the MSU Press, or at

Quite a while ago, I compliled an annotated index of the issues of The Offbeat printed while I was editor. I'm still looking for a print home for the index, but with a little bit of additional work, I indexed the remaining volumes and put together something of a statistical analysis. I'd be surprised if anyone not familiar with The Offbeat would find that much of interest in the information, but most of the few people who read my blog know my old magazine, so here goes.

The Offbeat, since its founding, has had four editors:

In the full run of The Offbeat (counting Spring 1999-Fall 2000)

139 writers were published
251 pieces were published

67 female writers published 108 pieces (48.2% of writers, 43.0% of total work)
72 male writers published 143 pieces (51.8% of writers, 57.0% of total work)

89 writers had one piece published (64.0% of writers, 35.9% of total work)
30 writers had two pieces published (21.6% of writers, 23.1% of total work)
9 writers had three pieces published (6.5% of writers, 10.8% of total work)
11 writers had more than three pieces published (7.9% of writers, 30.3% of total work)

3 writers had four pieces published: Jeremy Campbell, Micki Evans, and Kathryn Tucker (Poetry Editor, 2000-2001, Editor, 2002)
2 writers had five pieces published: Josh Guilford (Poetry Editor 2004-2005) and Rachel Murray
2 writers had six pieces published: Meg McClure and Steven Rajewski

Colleen Farrow had seven pieces published (across three issues)
Andrew Hungerford had ten pieces published (across five issues)
Gavin Craig had eleven pieces published (across five issues)
Timothy Carmody had fourteen pieces published (across six issues, and including one piece published under a pseudonym)

It seems like it might be interesting to get a title/page count for fiction, poetry, and drama, but that's far too much work for me.

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