Thursday, May 04, 2006

About bloody time

Original theatrical editions of Star Wars to be released on DVD.

Oh, and Lego Star Wars II will be available too.


Danielle said...

Guess that makes it even harder to decide what to get with your book money. :)
Now if only we could get him to stop tinkering in the first place...

Tim said...

No one more heartily improves of a theatrical release of the original Star Wars than I. But while the Lucasfilm folks portray it as giving the fans what they want, at least half of me says -- "You mean, I have to buy the whole trilogy again?" And "countless fans" = countless $$$$.

Why couldn't they just have gotten this right the first time? And -- what is the "original version" of the Star Wars movies? The original theatrical release of Star Wars didn't include the "Episode IV: A New Hope" title cards, but later theatrical versions and the original VHS version did. If they remaster the sound, will they be able to restore all of the original voices and music? I guess I wonder just how much Lucas will be able to resist his urge to tinker.