Tuesday, January 23, 2007

When did Slate become the mainstream outlet for information on good comics?

Slate has another slideshow about contemporary comics—this one about nonstandard takes on superhero stories. (Who is this Dan Kois guy? He seems to do good work. Also, can get he me work as a literary agent? That would be just about my dream job. Other than making a living off of all of those short stories I'm not writing.)

Actually, Kois's slide show leads me to a troubling admission: I don't really like Heroes. I don't watch it regularly, but I haven't been pulled in by what I've seen. Sure, Hiro is awesome, and Peter the power-mimic guy seems to be pretty cool, but I hate everyone else, especially Ali Larter's character. Am I missing something? Should I rent season 1 when it's released on DVD and give the whole thing another chance?

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