Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I could have that life too, if I were more talented, and not afraid of NYC

Paper Cuts posts on a dinner Mario Batali hosted for Jim Harrison in May. (Click on the image above to view the menu at full size.) Even better than the menu, check out the guest list at the end.


MDD said...

Sounds like quite a dinner, and though the guest list is quite impressive, it does seem a bit of a sausage-fest. (Pun intended.)

Gavin said...

Yeah, I noticed that too. I don't know how many (other than Ford, who is) in that group are married, but I do attend most of the few social events I get to as half (and often the less important half) of a pair.

All the same, as I'm sure that Short-Schrift will attest, the occasional single-gender gathering has its merits as well.

Tim said...

I do think single-gender gatherings (all-male or all-female) have their merits, but it's better when they're explicitly framed as such.

PoN said...

Zagat says $90 for a dinner at Del Posto, although I think that sounds cheap (I've never been, just my experience with Zagat).

You've got plenty of talent Gav. And what is this Gothamophobia?