Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Why not another blog?

The detail-minded among my readers will notice that there's a new link over to the right. The Counterfictionals blog is a group project that grew out of the discussion of the "What makes the Bat" post (which was reposted on the new blog).

At the moment, there's a lot on the blog about Batman, and Star Wars, but the goal is to expand it to considerations of and alternate possibilities for a wide variety of fictional characters and narratives. (Note that this is not an "alternate history" website a la Harry Turtledove. No "what if the UK got kicked out of the Faulkland Islands?" or "what if Ghandi had an AK-47?" More "what should we be doing with Mickey Mouse if he were in public domain?" and "what's up with those people who act like Sherlock Holmes was a real person?" Stuff like that.)


Tim said...

I think "What if Gandhi had an AK-47?" is exactly the thing I'd like to read about. If not on CF, then where?

Gavin said...

If I remember correctly, the film UHF gives at least one possible answer to that question. :-)