Sunday, November 26, 2006

Since when does Wordwright write about football?

Gene Wojciechowski whines about the BCS and a likely OSU/USC matchup on January 8.

Now let me start by saying that I'm not a big fan of the BCS, but not for the reasons that you usually hear. I don't think that an undisputed national champion in NCAA Dvision I football is possible, or necessary, every year. As a Big Ten fan, I miss the tradition of the Rose Bowl—the game that every Big Ten team used to play for every year, where the reward for winning the Big Ten was a matchup with the champion of the Pac 10. I hate this crazy system now where every five years the Rose Bowl is the National Championship game, and the crazy matchups when it's not.

That being said, I think a Michigan/Ohio State matchup for a national championship on January 8 would be a waste. Why? Because they've already played, and we already have a winner. I think the a good argument can be made that Michigan, even with the loss to OSU, is still the second best team in the nation, but I don't see why they should get a winner-take all rematch. If U of M and OSU were to play again, and Michigan were to win, then Michigan would take the National Championship over a team with an identical final 12-1 record. One win for Michigan, one win for OSU. That sounds like the essence of a shared national title to me. (If anything, it seems to me that Michigan should have to win twice to really earn the trophy, and that isn't the way football works.)

Michigan had their chance. Let USC take their turn.

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