Wednesday, July 04, 2007

And in retrospect, I like his ability to get all worked up over a pickle

The NYT has a new visual blog from Rutu Modan. (As you may recall, they've done this before, and I certainly hope that they'll keep doing it.)

So, wordwrighters, do you think something like this would work in the printed Times, or is there something about online presentation that lends itself to the format?

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Tim said...

I love Modan's stories. I think they would work in the printed Times, if they gave them a full page or so -- but that's pretty expensive real estate. It's nice, though, how it just stretches down, so you scroll and scroll and scroll, and the story just keeps going on and on. They would also work well as a small codex, laid out like a comic book/graphic novel -- maybe in the magazine?