Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Subtle changes

As a few of you know, the next couple of weeks will bring the start of my graduate studies in Literature. While this will likely lead to a dramatic increase in the number of books I read, it will also mean that I have somewhat less control over what exactly I'm reading, and that I'll be thinking about my reading in different ways.

In short, you should expect to see something of a shift in the topics I discuss on Wordwright. I have no plans to use this blog as an outlet for academic projects, but, for example, it's likely that the number of "publishing and bookselling" posts will decrease, and "libraries and archives" may receive more of my attention.

I hope that you'll stick with Wordwright as we remodel, and if there's anything that I should be talking about, please let me know. I'll keep posting one way or another, but procrastination is much more fun when it's a shared project.

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