Friday, October 28, 2005

The good news and the bad news

Actually, there are a couple of batches of both:

The good news: I have an office. Whoo-hoo! Yes, that's right, a real, honest-to-goodness office with a desk, a bookshelf, four walls, a door, and a window. No cubicle for me! Sure, I've had a desk before, but this is a whole new ball of wax.

The bad news: Apparently, one has to decorate an office. I don't need window treatments or anything, but at least two people have told me on two separate occasions that I "really need to do something" to spruce up my big blank empty walls.

The good news, part 2: I actually do have a handful of old prints and drawing that we didn't have wall space for in the new apartment, and I've even finally remembered to drag them in to work.

The bad news, part 2: I bought the wrong kind of mouting hooks, so with one exception, all the prints and drawing are sitting on the floor, more or less below where I expect to hang them, whenever I get around to exchanging the mounting hooks for the right ones, and as long as it took me to get this far, who know how long that will be.

A related dilema: I still have a lot of space on my wall, and I have a large paiting by a friend of mine sitting behind the entertainment center at home. It would be pretty cool to have an original work in my office, but the painting has a semi-nude cartoonish mermaid figure featured prominently in the composition. I hate feeling prudish, but it's a very big, colorful work, which would certainly atrract attention, and if a student is coming to me for advising, I really don't want to make them uncomfortable.

Ah well. I'll figure something out.

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Anonymous said...

Great, now Carl will know his artwork is just hiding out behind the entertainment center. Smooth one.