Wednesday, October 12, 2005

One tasty Apple. . .

As most of my small group of loyal readers know, the computer sitting on my desk at home is the old sunflower-crossed-with-a-grapefruit iMac, and its predecessor was one of the original, revolutionary, bondi-blue first-generation iMacs, so I have some history with the box that saved the house that Jobs built.

These days, iPods get all the attention, and, sure enough, Apple today announced an iPod update that allows video to be played on the higher-end models, and a deal with ABC that will start making individual episodes of popular television shows available for purchase and download a la iTunes.

This is all well and good. At the same time, however, the iMac is quietly fulfilling and surpassing all the predictions that Mr. Jobs' box was going to revolutionize home computing and lead to the sort of multifunction convergence that would make Bill Gates drool. The new iMac models are looking more and more like an interactive flat-screen TV (the new model even comes with a remote), and my guess is that the ability to access ABC's "Lost" and "Desperate Housewives" marks the beginning of the next logical step in the TiVo revolution.

Imagine making micro-payments for the content that you want, when you want it. No re-runs, no commercials, and infinite potential for specialized content to find the audience it so richly deserves.

Down with the DVD market, I say, and up with iTV!

(If only I had a digital graphic genius to work the apple logo into the "Desperate Housewives" Eve-and-Adam-with-the-apple image, then this post would really rock.)

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