Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Because, really, we need to lower the level of intellectual debate in this country

So this morning, I was trying to ease into my day, when I come across Jerry Falwell, Bill Nye (yes, the science guy) and, uhm, some comedian, I don't know her name, arguing creation and evolution on CBS's The Early Show. (The headline graphic was "the Chicken or the Egg?" I can only imagine that the piece was prompted by arguments over teaching Intelligent Design in the classroom, but I don't really know for sure.)

What's worse is that this apparently isn't the first time CBS has paired these two up on air.

If you ask me, I think that the sight of those two arguing with each other is proof enough that when it comes to human beings that the words "intelligent" and "design" have no place in any discussion of our origins.


Tim said...

Hey, did you see the article in the Times UK (via A&L Daily) about the Pope and evolution? Apparently one of his cardinals is starting to soften the ground for a reconciliation with science on the one hand, and an elbow to the Protestant fundamentalists' ribs on the other.

Gavin said...

Yeah, I did see the article.

"This is not another Galileo case; the teachings of the Church have never imposed a literal interpretation of the language of the Bible; that was a Protestant mistake."

Nice quote.