Wednesday, November 02, 2005

What comes next?

I. Grad school

  • Nah
  • No graduate creative writing program at MSU
  • MSU graduate literature program is theory-heavy
  • I hate critical theory
  • I could only attend part-time
  • Most graduate programs are not part-time friendly
  • Working at a university, I could get a full tuition waiver/reimbursement
  • So it seems silly to do nothing

II. Writing

  • Yes!
  • Uhm. . . how?
  • Scripts

    1. Screen for Mattison

      • "Songbird" expansion/adaptation
      • "Meeks" (tells-the-future comedy)

    2. Stage for Hungerford

      • I love Tennessee Williams
      • Read, read, read

        1. Chekov
        2. Odetts
        3. Ibsen
        4. Pinter
        5. Others, I'm sure

  • Stories

    1. I've had that photographer idea kicking around for a while
    2. Retail semi-comedies? (write what you know)
    3. Sentences first, then paragraphs

III. Reading

  • More classics
  • I'm sick of bad contemporary novels
  • Find a way to find the good contemporary stuff now that I don't get free copies of the book reviews
  • See list of playwrights cited above, add "Miss Julie," "The Lion in Winter," "A Man For All Seasons"

IV. New baby

  • January 19
  • 'Nuff said

V. Conclusions

  • Give up on sleep
  • But I like sleep
  • Sissy
  • That's just mean
  • Well, why don't you curl up in bed then?
  • Maybe I will
  • That's too bad, because that's a really nice list you put together
  • It is, isn't it?
  • It would be a shame to see it not come to anything
  • But I like sleep
  • Sissy

(Apologies to Timothy Carmody and his "Outline For an Essay on Bulworth.")

1 comment:

Kevin said...

Sleeping is for chumps. Take it from a guy who never does it and functions just fine. Nevermind my lack of long term (or short term for that matter) memory. Nevermind my...what the fuck was I talking about? Oh yeah, work on Songbird! That is all.