Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I try not to repeat myself

David Skinner discusses the appeal and short comings of the Sony Reader in The Weekly Standard. (via A&L Daily)

I was going to throw in some commentary, but I realized that I've already said everything that I have to say. In short, the printed book is an amazing technological achievement.

However, I do have to say that I have a hard time relating to a man who could write the following:
None of which yet saves the faithful reader from the clutter of his books. If, today, I threw out all the books in my house that could be uploaded for free onto a Sony Reader, at least one of my bookcases (out of five or six) could be retired. What I'd really like is to keep only as many books as could be squeezed into one or two bookcases.

One or two bookcases? Ridiculous. I have more books than that in my office at work.


Andrew said...

Yes, one or two shelves is ridiculous. Give me a house full of books and I am a happy man.

Tim said...

Me, I couldn't believe this guy was complaining about five or six (doesn't he know?) shelves worth of books. I easily have more books than that in storage.

A house full, I say! Say it with me, boys!