Monday, March 26, 2007

riverrun, past Eve and Adam's

The James Joyce estate has come to an agreement with Joyce scholar Carol Loeb Shloss, allowing her to quote published and unpublished writing from Joyce in an online suppliment to her book Lucia Joyce: To Dance in the Wake, and in future books in articles. (via the Chronicle of Higher Education, subscription required. Shloss's online suppliment is currently password protected, but is expected to go public in the next several days.)

The Joyce Estate, overseen by James Joyce's grandson, Stephen Joyce, has been especially particular about allowing scholars to quote Joyce's work, and Stephen has even been quoted to the effect that he didn't see any value in continuing scholarship on his grandfather's writing. (There was an excellent article in the New Yorker last year, but I'd have to go digging in the library to find it, since I don't save old copies of the magazine. I know. That sounds really out of character for me, doesn't it? I'll pick up the electronic archive one of these years.) Shloss had sued the estate, arguing that her intended use of Joyce's writing fell under scholarly fair use exceptions to copyright. As an avid reader of Joyce myself, I'm happy to see the estate allowing some use of Joyce's papers, but since Shloss and the estate came to an out-of-court settlement, no precedent has been set, and there's no guarantee that the same consideration will be extended to other scholars.

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